Sunday, July 6, 2014

Door Chime Restoration Time

We we're gone for a month or so, waaayyy too long (our sincerest apologies). I was hoping to update our blog on a weekly basis but June was a crazy month for us. We both got sick for about two weeks, Leonel's grandfather fell severely ill and has been in the hospital since June began. :( Praying for good health and a speedy recovery! My brother-n-law graduated from UCI, woo hoo!!! My grandmother is visiting from Mexico, I hadn't seen her in over ten years! Couldn't find it in our hearts to say hold on grandma and grandpa, I have to work on my blog so I'll SEE YA LATER!! Ummmm... yeah that would never happen, we enjoy blogging but some life events are more important. (Don't take it personal) So now you know why we had to dessert you guys for a while, we hope you understand. In between all of this madness we squeezed in a few projects and managed to host a beautiful dinner party (along with my mother) for family and friends. Pictures and details will be coming soon :).