Monday, October 6, 2014

Disney Princess Castle

Over the past few years I have assisted my mother in baking cakes, cupcakes, and all sorts of delicious treats. She is an amazing talent all on her own, she is self taught and after taking a few cake decorating classes at Michael's her creations became an art form. This summer we worked on our biggest project to date, a sweet sixteen Disney Princess Castle Cake. Along with sixty or so mini Mickey and Mini Mouse cupcakes.

Our creation exceeded our expectations, it's amazing to see something you imagine in your mind come to life. Our customer was blown away and man did it feel good, makes all the hard work and time consuming detail worth it. I'm going to keep my writing short on this post and allow the pictures to do the talking. I'll share a few pictures... ok I lied, it's a whole lot of pictures!! But to appreciate the detail it kind of requires pictures from different angels, of the process, and of course our final product. We hope you ENJOY!!! =0D

Our sketch looks like a 7 year old drew it...

The base and staircases of our Disney Castle, so sparkly. It helped to give the castle a more feminine touch.



The castle and Mickey head were airbrushed with edible airbrush paint, this bad boy helped us complete the job...

My Iwata airbrush, originally purchased it for makeup. Funny how life works out sometimes, never in a million years would I have thought it would be used for cakes one day. 

Our Mickey bushes were created out of rice crispy treats and painted with green airbrush paint.

I was very proud of my lawn and bushes, my family was calling me the "Landscaper" by the end of the project. 

Caught the Master at work.

We added a hint of gold to the front Mickey bushes and my mom created the gold railing out of fondant. Inspired by Cinderella, if your wondering the characters are plastic. We just didn't have enough time or man power to mold those too. They helped complete the magic princess castle look. 

The gold swirls on the doors were hand painted with edible gold shimmer.

Going Mickey crazy between breaks... this project took several weeks to complete.

Added a personal touch for the guest of honor.

Mini oreos topped the mini Mickey cupcakes.

We also created faces for six of Disney's classic characters to be placed on the staircases. 

The most stressful part of any large cake project is transporting it, I still can't believe we managed to get this huge cake out of the house. My cousin had to climb a wall like cat woman to make sure the cake didn't smash into the roof. My mom couldn't bear to watch so she stayed inside. I ran around moving cars to make sure the driveway was clear. It was tense...

 Mission accomplished =)

We've been baking non stop around here, I'll continue to share all of our crazy projects and adventures. Sorry for the hiatus, summer was just too good. We're in October and continue to have 90 degree weather, global warming has me all discombobulated. 

Until next time, amigo's...

 Much Love, V&L

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