Thursday, May 7, 2015

Two Become Three and Learning Self Acceptance

I'm officially joining the mommy club!!! Leonel and I couldn't be happier to start this new chapter in our lives. This will be our first child and for now we've decided to keep the gender a surprise. All that matters is that our baby is healthy and it's the main reason why I decided to stop using my topical Rosacea treatment Metrogel.

Showing off my baby bump :)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Calaca Coffee Table Part I

Hello!!! Hope you had a wonderful week guys :) 

I have a new project to share (It's about time right?!), it's a furniture flip I've been working on. Found this side table at a local garage sale months ago, it's been siting around the house yelling at me to finish it. :/ I've known what I want to do with it but to be honest I just haven't made the time. Bad furniture flipping lady, I know :(. But forget about all that!! My big plan was to paint it of course but also add sugar skull faces as details on the table top. It's been a slow work in progress and honestly I'm still not done! Regardless I wanted to share the progress I've made. I'm pregnant ok, so cut me some slack!!! Yes I'm pulling the pregnancy card, sue me! Anyway... let's start with the before pics, shall we???