Saturday, May 2, 2015

Calaca Coffee Table Part I

Hello!!! Hope you had a wonderful week guys :) 

I have a new project to share (It's about time right?!), it's a furniture flip I've been working on. Found this side table at a local garage sale months ago, it's been siting around the house yelling at me to finish it. :/ I've known what I want to do with it but to be honest I just haven't made the time. Bad furniture flipping lady, I know :(. But forget about all that!! My big plan was to paint it of course but also add sugar skull faces as details on the table top. It's been a slow work in progress and honestly I'm still not done! Regardless I wanted to share the progress I've made. I'm pregnant ok, so cut me some slack!!! Yes I'm pulling the pregnancy card, sue me! Anyway... let's start with the before pics, shall we???

So as you can tell I got a little too excited and almost forgot to take my before pics. How dare I, I know... shame on me. Thank god I had only began on the table top before jumping up and running into the house to grab my camera. My lil sis-n-law was helping me out that day and gave me the "your a crazy lady" look. But to appreciate the glorious after you have to share the not so pretty before, it's just as important in my opinion.

So the table is your typical brown wood finish with a bunch of scratches, wear and tear, and maybe a small chip here and there. I had just picked up some chalk paint and was excited to try the teal color. Chalk paint is amazing, I love it!!! Cut's the prep work out of  projects and gives you the same finish. I purchased my paint at Michael's, they carry Americana Decor Chalk paint. I purchased a few colors but the color I'm using for this project is called Treasure or Tesoro if you want to sound sexy and fancy in Spanish. Say it slow, TESOROOOOOOO......

I used paint brushes to apply the paint, pretty simple and easy. It's up to you how much you want to apply... light to full coverage depends on the finish you want. I opted for full coverage because I wanted TESORO to really pop and I love the color teal, so bright and pretty. Here are some pictures of my first coat of paint, the brown still shows a bit under the first coat and you can see the brush strokes. It actually looked nice, in a different project I may have stopped at this step.

This is after the second coat of paint, the brown isn't showing anymore and the teal looks AWESOME!

It was time to start the faces on the table top, so excited to start this step! I purchased a calaca stencil at Michaels to make my life a lil easier. It was around Halloween time so it was the perfect season to find this kind of decor. It actually helped a ton and I painted the heads white. A nice contrast against the teal.

I ended up painting four heads and selected to give each face a different style, one face I kept as the original stencil design. Traced the shapes in pencil and I'm painting in the details in gold. Wasn't sure at first to do multicolor or gold so I tried both, in the end gold won my vote. You'll see pictures of all that later. First let me show you pictures of the penciled in faces, I tried taking pictures outside at first but it was hard to see the design. Once I photographed indoors it was much clearer. Here's pictures of both.

Each face has it's own unique design and I'm loving that!! I also had the crazy idea to paint some sections red, the sides and legs to be exact. Not so sure about this decision anymore but I just go with what feels right sometimes. I think I'm going to paint them teal again, just flows better to me. It's double work but I want the final product to really shine so it's no big deal. These are pictures of the red sections....

I'm stopping here for tonight, it's 5am and my insomnia is starting to fade. I need to get some sleep! Estoy loca (I'm crazy), I know but I'll share my grand finally in Part II of this post. I'm sure I'll be just as surprised as you with the final result, stay tuned people!! Sweet dreams....

Much Love,


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