Friday, March 28, 2014

Wind Chimes and Earrings

Do you have a bunch of earrings thrown around in a dresser??? Maybe you have them stashed away in a zip lock bag (GUILTY!) or collecting dust in a dark corner somewhere. Perhaps your just plain sick of the accessory holder you currently own. Well I have a simple solution for you.  Hang them on a wind chime!!  I for one don't care for their main purpose because they keep me up at night, I'm a light sleeper and hearing chimes and bells at 1 am pisses me off!!  But I must admit they are pretty and come in all different kinds of styles which is nice, I like variety.  

Any who, I found this pretty wind chime while shopping at Ross for $10. I secretly want to be a gypsy and I love sparkly stuff so when I spotted this beauty it was love at first sight. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Living Room Mirror Part II

To pick up where we left off the green monster.... I mean carpet had to go, and the majority of our budget went into installing laminate flooring. Removing the mirror would have meant replacing it with dry wall and possibly leaving us with a  huge nasty scared wall. We started looking up ideas and in the process came across some beautiful and crazy expensive options. Viewing wall decor and mirrors on Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, etc was a huge let down at first because of the massive price tags most of the items carry. But we ended up being inspired by a few designs after contemplating throwing rocks at the mirror and calling it a day. Our final choice was a mirror outlined in black (Eagan Multipanel Large Mirror) from Pottery Barn worth $700.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Living Room Mirror Part 1

 A little background to share with you, Leonel and I married a little over a year ago (2 year anniversary as of June, Yay!) and along with planning a small wedding we also purchased our first home. We purchased a townhouse that needed a little TLC because ONE it was in our price range, and TWO a fixer upper seemed like an awesome challenge for DIY fanatics like ourselves.  We have this very large mirror in our living room that the previous owner basically plastered onto the wall.  It's nice but feels a little plain and it takes up the majority of the wall.  We discussed removing the mirror but that would have been too messy, time consuming, and expensive.  So we put our heads together and thought of a simple, inexpensive, yet nice looking decorative design to add to it. We first had to come up with a pattern we thought would compliment the room, you know something that wouldn't make the room feel off balance. Here is the before picture, it's the picture the prior owners used to advertise the home. Glorious 70's green carpet and all, for some odd reason it looks more teal in the picture but lighting will do that. (I hate that carpet so much, I couldn't wait to rip it out!)...