Monday, March 24, 2014

Living Room Mirror Part II

To pick up where we left off the green monster.... I mean carpet had to go, and the majority of our budget went into installing laminate flooring. Removing the mirror would have meant replacing it with dry wall and possibly leaving us with a  huge nasty scared wall. We started looking up ideas and in the process came across some beautiful and crazy expensive options. Viewing wall decor and mirrors on Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, etc was a huge let down at first because of the massive price tags most of the items carry. But we ended up being inspired by a few designs after contemplating throwing rocks at the mirror and calling it a day. Our final choice was a mirror outlined in black (Eagan Multipanel Large Mirror) from Pottery Barn worth $700.

 We decided to outline the mirror using painters tape and I  must admit Leonel did an awesome job measuring the spaces between the squares. He says I did an awesome job painting, thanks for the support honey :D. Back to the mirror, we decided to have larger squares since the mirror is so large. This is what the mirror looked like once we finished taping the multipanel design.

If you're wondering why our bed is in the living room, it's because our laminate flooring was being installed as we worked on the Project (Leonel refused to install it ourselves because he was working massive amounts of overtime and our schedules just didn't allow us to complete the project in less than a month). And if your wondering why I'm headless it's because my head exploded stressing out on making the lines as precise as possible. Being a perfectionist can be frustrating until you get the results you want, than it's totally worth it.  

To create the black outline and multipanel illusion we used black flat paint we had left over from a previous project. We used small sponge rollers that we purchased at Home Depot (very inexpensive). After two coats of paint and about two hours or so it worked out better than we expected. This was our final result...

We love it!!  TaDow!!  How you like me now?!?! We spent about $20 and got the multipanel result we were looking for. And the laminate floors make a huge difference, I love the rich dark color. The mirror design is a great temporary solution until we get our mansion... just kidding.  

Hasta la vista, green carpet.

Much Love, V&L


  1. I think leaving your drywall plain would be a bit depressing. The idea of putting up the mirror was great, and having designed it on your own makes it quite special. It looks simple yet sophisticated, and I think it looks great on your living room. Thanks for sharing this w with us, Valeria. Have a great day!

    Doug Lowe @ M&M Glass

  2. I agree! Thank you for the positive feedback, Doug =)