Friday, March 28, 2014

Wind Chimes and Earrings

Do you have a bunch of earrings thrown around in a dresser??? Maybe you have them stashed away in a zip lock bag (GUILTY!) or collecting dust in a dark corner somewhere. Perhaps your just plain sick of the accessory holder you currently own. Well I have a simple solution for you.  Hang them on a wind chime!!  I for one don't care for their main purpose because they keep me up at night, I'm a light sleeper and hearing chimes and bells at 1 am pisses me off!!  But I must admit they are pretty and come in all different kinds of styles which is nice, I like variety.  

Any who, I found this pretty wind chime while shopping at Ross for $10. I secretly want to be a gypsy and I love sparkly stuff so when I spotted this beauty it was love at first sight. 

I had been searching for a unique way to organize my earrings. So now that I had found it I hurried home and found a wall to hang my new treasure on. I choose the wall next to my bathroom door, it works for me because I can grab and go as I rush out to work at 6:20am.  Being an adult sucks sometimes....  

Once I hung it up I stepped back and realized it looked a bit like wall decor. The loops, bells, and beads give it a Moroccan look. My inner gypsy was pleased.  

Now it was time to bust out my zip lock bag and start organizing my earrings, I hung them on the loops and holes. Most of my earrings have hooks so it was easy to organize. Any stud earrings I had I attached to other earrings that had smaller holes in them. Pretty simple, here is a close up....

I think I was a hand model in a past life, I wonder how much money they make anyway??? If you know tell me because I am seriously curious now. 

I'm pretty sure it took me about ten minutes to finish organizing, I didn't time myself so if it takes you longer I apologize. But here's a tip, it was easier to organize with the wind chime hanging up vs laying down. It kept them in place and I was able to keep all the pairs together. It worked like I was hoping and still looked pretty.

I love it!!! Now we just need a hookah....

Much Love, V&L

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