Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to Frame Sketches As Artwork

I have been telling Valeria she is very talented and she should share her art work a little with all of you and of course as a modest answer she replies "no". Well this time that's it ..... I just gotta show you guys what this chick can sketch up. No, literally Sketch up...

One day as we were talking over dinner she tells me "I  was working on this little sketch and I want your opinion. I'm not finished working on it yet." She handed it to me and I said "WOW, NICE!".  She told me "Once I finish it I want to give it to my mom as a gift." The sketch is of the Virgin Mary and is a big part of Latino culture. I knew her mom would love it because Mexican mom's love the Virgin Mary. Valeria worked on the details, finally got it done, but then out of nowhere she got a crease in the paper. Boooooo.

Aw great! And now when you see it you can't help but notice an annoying crease just glaring at you, taking away the beauty from the actual artwork. This just can't do. So we decided to try and fix it ...

At first putting it between two heavy books just wasn't cutting it so Valeria found some tips online on how to remove creases on paper and Shazam! Guess what? It worked. All that was needed was two big sheets of drawing paper bigger then the actual art piece, a spray bottle, and an iron. After a few repeated ironings, POW! It was gone and now it was time to frame it.

We picked up this frame at Target, we decided to stick with a simple frame so all the focus can go on the details of the sketch. Sorry about the reflection in the picture, no matter where we took the picture we kept getting a nasty reflection or glare but once framed this no longer just looks like some doodle you made in class. It actually makes for a beautiful art piece. Her parents loved it, SUCCESS!! 

We are working on some more projects and hope you're enjoying what we've shared so far. We would love to hear your feedback, drop a comment or subscribe and tell us what you think :). Until next time.....  

Much Love, V&L

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