Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Orange, Purple, Pinkalicious...

Bright lip colors are so much fun and today I wanted to share a look that included a fuchsia lip color. It's almost summer time, the perfect season to start using bright makeup colors. My eyeshadow is bronze with a hint of orange in the crease and bottom lash line, my eyeliner is a deep plum. I used bronzer to complete this look, I love the outcome.

I've changed my hair since my last makeup post, get use to it because I change my hair ALL THE TIME. I originally cut my PIXIE hair October of last year. Looked nothing like now, I've changed the style/color three or four times since. I'll complete another post to show you the different styles because honestly I've had a lot of fun with it.

The color's I selected are actually colors you would see in a sunset sometimes. 

See how those colors compliment each other so beautifully?! Of course you don't apply them to your face at that intensity (or you can just for fun =o) ) but it all basically boils down to color theory.

(Click to enlarge)

This is a close up of my eyes, the plum eyeliner is more visible this close. It's really pretty. If you want to try this look this is what you'll need...

If your wondering why there are paintings of soldiers behind me, it's actually a mural located in Santa Ana, Ca. There are several murals in the city, as a matter of fact Southern California has tons of Chicano murals.

This particular one is still being completed and is already pretty amazing. It's on the side of a general store called La Chiquita Market located on the corner of Washington and Custer.

The mural is dedicated to fallen Mexican American soldiers, I love the details in each portrait.

If you live in the area you should stroll by and take a look at the art work, the details are amazing. If you have family that has served in the military it makes this mural that much more special to see. Our soldiers deserve this kind of honor for risking their lives on the battle field.

To be honest I just happened to drive by the mural about a month ago during my lunch, it took me by surprise because the store is located in the middle of a neighborhood. 

Sometimes the best kind of finds are completely random and by accident. Murals are one of my favorite art forms, I'll continue to share them with all of you as I travel threw Southern Cali.

Much Love, V&L

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