Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ready, set, POSE!!!

Have you ever taken a bunch of pictures somewhere and felt like you just couldn't decide which picture or pose you liked best? Well here's a way you can add as many poses as you'd like and make it look like you've cloned yourself lol.. now that I think about it that would be pretty weird. It's actually an example of a multiplicity picture I created. You can make one of yourself too and it's not that hard, here's how...

All you need is a camera (of course), a camera stand or flat surface where you can take a few stable pictures of yourself, and photoshop. For the photos I took on this project I bought a small flexing tripod at Best Buy which has turned out to be pretty handy. Once your stage is set, you have your photo session ready to go.

I changed into a few different outfits to give the final shot more of an impact. Once you have your favorite pictures open Photoshop, click FILE, select OPEN, and choose your photos. Next you unlock all your images by double clicking them and naming each LAYER. Ok, now a few easy steps. Click EDIT at the top/left then select AUTO-ALIGN LAYERS and click OK on AUTO. This step will align all the images up for you so you can begin your blending process. Now you click the top layer (which is highlighted in blue below) and put a mask on it by clicking on LAYER at the top/left of your menu and go to LAYER MASK and select HIDE All.

By doing this you will be placing an invisible mask over the picture, now use the paintbrush tool and paint over the pose in the picture that you hid. White reveals and black conceals so you can toggle back and forth by clicking (X)  while using the paintbrush tool.

You repeat this process until you get to the bottom layer (the last of the small pictures to the right of your screen, example below). STOP at the bottom layer. You don't put a mask on the bottom layer, the bottom layer is the background for your collage.

Here is what I had when I got to the bottom layer. You can view this by clicking on the eye of your bottom layer to see your details and edges. It's always good to do this for a clean finish.

Above is an example of sloppy edges, to clean them up you can go back and click on any of your layer masks and use the zoom tool along with the paintbrush. Remember to change the size of your paintbrush tool according to your need and clean it up. After you have cleaned up all your layers your ready for the LAST STEP. Click the top layer hold shift down and click the bottom layer. All your layers will be selected, right click on one of the layers and select (Flatten Image).

ShazaM! You're done! Save 2 copies, one as a PDF to edit later and another as a JPEG to upload into your Instagram or Facebook account. Just a cool little trick I wanted to share with you guys. Please let me know if you have questions on any of the steps, if you need help, or even some suggestions. We hope you guys enjoy this, and as always we are working on another project to share with all of you very soon. Thanks for dropping by, please subscribe or save us to your favorites.

Much Love, V&L

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