Sunday, January 4, 2015

Diamond In The Rough

Attempting to find a contemporary / modern piece of furniture at a thrift store can be a challenge. After my parents renovation I was on a mission to find a glass coffee table with a stainless steel frame for their living room set. Something with a unique design was the goal and after a few visits to several thrift shops I finally found the perfect one. When I spotted this gem at the Salvation Army, the steel had rusted in several spots and it had a swirl design most likely applied with a wire brush or sander. To be completely honest I wasn't a fan of the swirls. But I knew the rust and swirls could be removed and the steel's luster returned with some TLC. Plus it was on sale for $25 and the glass was in perfect condition. SCORE!!!! I had found the diamond in the rough I was looking for.