Sunday, January 4, 2015

Diamond In The Rough

Attempting to find a contemporary / modern piece of furniture at a thrift store can be a challenge. After my parents renovation I was on a mission to find a glass coffee table with a stainless steel frame for their living room set. Something with a unique design was the goal and after a few visits to several thrift shops I finally found the perfect one. When I spotted this gem at the Salvation Army, the steel had rusted in several spots and it had a swirl design most likely applied with a wire brush or sander. To be completely honest I wasn't a fan of the swirls. But I knew the rust and swirls could be removed and the steel's luster returned with some TLC. Plus it was on sale for $25 and the glass was in perfect condition. SCORE!!!! I had found the diamond in the rough I was looking for. 

Now you have to see the before pictures to truly appreciate how this coffee table shines. My father welds and has worked with steel before, his assistance was vital in this restoration process. Here are my before pictures...

What a difference, right??!! With furniture like this it's all about the simplicity and if you've researched the retail price of stainless steel modern furniture you're well aware it comes with a hefty price tag. For example this similar piece I located online at has a price tag of $1,089.99.... YIKES!!! There is no way in hell I or we could afford that.

Now you understand why I was so excited to find this beat up piece of steel at the Salvation Army. Commence victory dance!!! I'm lucky you can't see me busting my dance moves because they are horrible and awkward. Haha... and if you don't believe me about the price, here is my picture at the Salvation Army with the discounted price tag.

Now let me explain how we managed to remove the rust and steel from our stainless steel frame. It required several coats of paint remover applied with an old towel. The steel had a coat of varnish that needed to be removed prior to sanding the steel with a disk sander. Once the varnish was gone the swirl design and rust was removed by sanding the steel. 

The rust disappeared along with the sanding and man that baby shines like it's new again. Bye Bye swirls, hello bright and shiny coffee table. I love how it looks along with the blue couches and cream rug. Victory!

The fireplace is double sided centered in the open concept design. I will share more pictures of the before and after, the difference will blow you away. It's like a whole new house, home renovations are awesome that way. Add or subtract some walls and it gives the home a whole other feel. 

Until next time, take care my fellow blog lovers.

Much Love,

V and L

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