Monday, March 23, 2015

Kitschy Mary

During one of my random thrift store visits I came across a pretty Virgin Mary flower pot. It had a few stains and needed a new coat of paint, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to get creative and try something funky and bold. Plus it only cost $5, it was love at first sight... I had found my next project. 

I knew I wanted to take a kitsch approach with the paint. Kitsch art is known as bold, funky, at times tacky, gaudy, pieces of art. When I see this kind of art I immediately think of carefree fun. The reason being it's not trying to be pretty, it's not perfect, it's just bright, in your face... look at me because I'm so gaudy and ridiculous art. The best comparison I can think of is a drag queen LOL. Nothing against drag queens but they are exaggerated representations of woman / divas. Bold and in your face with bright makeup and huge hair. I love drag queens, the transformation they make is so amazing to me. I have much respect for the drag queen community!! Hell, most of them walk and dance better than most woman I've encountered. Watch an episode of Ru Pauls Drag Race and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Moving on...

This is a picture of my flower pot before, it was painted an eggshell white. She looked more ivory due to wear and tear but still so delicate and pretty. 

After washing the pot I was ready to spray paint it with the fluorescent pink I purchased at Home Depot. Before I could get started with the fun paint I had to begin with primer, a simple white did the trick.

Once that dried I began painting with the pink spray paint, it took a few coats to fully cover the white primer. This is a picture after the first coat...

Always be safe and try to remember when your out spray painting wear a mask to protect yourself from the toxic fumes. I didn't have one on hand so I wore this calaca bandana instead.

As for my progress I was loving it already, once I finished my last layer of paint the pink was a tad darker but still very fluorescent. Just what I was hoping for. :D:D:D The only thing I struggled with was photographing the bright pink vase. I don't have a professional camera so photographing can be tough at times. This is what it looked like after the paint had dried.

I can see her from a mile away she's so bright, I love it!!! I wasn't completely satisfied with leaving the pot a plain solid color. So I decided to paint the veil and rosary gold, very ordinary compared to the fluorescent pink. But a necessary touch. Look at her now....

Love, love, love!!! In order to see the gold details in the photographs I had to add a filter that muted the pink a little. But trust me in person she is beautiful. I have yet to add flowers, to be honest I haven't decided if it can serve a different purpose. Like holding pens, paint brushes, keys or whatever else. I'll update you guys once I decide. 

These collages were posted to my instagram and facebook, I try to share my progress with friends, family, and of course all of you. =0D I think you appreciate the transformation more seeing the steps that were taken between A-Z. 

Till next time, take care & mucho, mucho, amor..... 


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