Sunday, May 4, 2014

Thrift Your Heart Out

I love this blue heart dress, it has a vintage feel and the best part is I purchased it for $5! Thank you, Goodwill :) My thrift shop dresses have become some of my favorite. Thrifting slowly became an addiction for me over the years, hunting for unique clothes/decor and bringing it back to life can be rewarding at times. Since incorporating these dresses into my wardrobe it's surprised me how many compliments I receive. It always feel nice to get a compliment but when you remain fashionable without breaking the bank it's even better. 

I matched the dress with nude heels from Payless and accessories I had previously purchased at Forever 21. The beige jacket I've owned for many years, I believe I purchased it at a fashion store. 

I like to mix and match old and new clothes/accessories, thrift shops and consignment stores carry a variety of items. If you prefer name brands some second hand boutiques specialize in carrying higher quality gently used clothes.

The red lipstick and winged eyeliner brought the whole look together. The heart shaped stepping stones I found by accident at the park (funny how things come together), they go perfectly with the dress.

I've come across many blogs of people sharing their thrift shop fashion/decor finds. One blog named Thrift Store Runway rewards one lucky person every month $500 for coming up the best thrifted outfit under $50. I haven't entered any outfits myself but by the looks of the blog the competition is fierce.

Maybe we'll start our own thrift store runway one day, keep posted.

(can't stop dreaming...)

Much Love, V&L


  1. I love your dress!!! You look gorgeous =)

  2. Thank you! =) You are so sweet.