Sunday, May 18, 2014

All Decked Out

When you have the ability to see possibilities in disastrous situations amazing things can happen. Take a look at that sad back yard in the before picture. It's faded tile, windows covered in bars, a large slider with no appeal, and a metal sun shade that is falling apart, it all needed major upgrades. My parents purchased this fixer upper about four years ago or so with the intention to transform it into a cozy home to enjoy after retirement. They had outgrown their previous home or I should say all the kids got married and they were left with a big empty house, they wanted to downsize. Plus the profit made from the larger home was going to leave them with a much lower payment, they would be crazy not to move!! 

Prior to the renovation the back patio included a brick smoker, it was placed randomly in the back yard and my parents had no use for it so they threw it down.

They also removed all the bushes and trees to allow space for the soon to be deck. 

My mother also wanted to include a pergola above the deck to keep our family from roasting in the sun during BBQ's. The workers did an amazing job and created a layered effect by overlapping three sections.

They also removed the slider and replaced it with french doors. The corner window was removed and the door on the side wall was upgraded as well. Already looks 10x better.

The deck was designed to be in two levels with two entries from the yard and two from the home. You'll see the staircases on the final pictures, the following pictures only include the platform (and some tools =D).

Once the deck was built it was time to prime and paint, painting between wood beams is not very fun.... trust me. Working as a team makes this task a lot easier, so Leonel and I helped my parents out and it was painted within two days. Check out our team work...

Water and beer breaks were a must between coats :). To get the job done it required two coats of primer and 2 coats of paint. The white primer made the space look huge but it was so bright when the sun was out. You needed sunglasses to look at it after a few minutes.

My parents had to finish the painting without our help on the second day since we had to work. Dumb jobs always get in the way of our projects, haha! Anyway... they did an awesome job, we were pleasantly surprised with the final result.

All it needs is some patio seating and flowers, the grass is a work in progress. My mother loves to bake and will possibly host tea and pastry parties in the future. I'll keep you guys posted and share some of her creations once things get rolling. 

My parents also renovated the interior and the before and afters are incredible. My inner interior designer had a ball helping out with all the changes and finishes, we can't wait to share the details. I'm working on collecting all the photographs for future posts.

Until next time, amigos :)

Much Love, V&L

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