Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mamma Mia!!!

Welcome back everyone =) Today I have someone special to share with all of you and a new makeup look. Yay!! That someone special is my mom. I wanted to complete a makeover on her to share on the blog and after some hesitation she finally agreed. I'm so glad because she really enjoyed it and was an awesome model. The actress we selected as an inspiration for our look is Leticia Calderon (a Mexican Soap Opera Actress). Regardless of whether you recognize the celebrity or not the main reason we selected Leticia is because she always has a beautiful smoky eye look. And it just so happens they share the same name, Leticia. If your not into Novela's (Soap Operas) let me help you guys out by putting a face to the name...

She is gorgeous and her eyes are stunning but who says you have to be a model or actress to pull this look off.

My momma looks gooooood...... her hazel eyes really pop with the smoky eye look. She currently is rocking a salt and pepper pixie, I think it makes her look so modern and elegant. During her day to day life in between caring for grandkids and her domestic goddess duties (all women that keep house or stay at home moms fall under the domestic goddess category) my mom usually has a more natural look.

We styled her hair a couple of different ways to show some variation and we had two outfit / accessory changes.  

For her eyes I used black eyeshadow on her eyelid and blended it toward her crease using a mocha brown eyeshadow. As a highlight I used a bone color eyeshadow under her brow line. 

Black eyeliner was applied on her top and lower lash line. I also applied the black eyeliner on her waterline (inside the lower lash line). With a small brush I softened the eyeliner on the lower lash line to create that smoky eye effect.

For her eyebrows I used a ash brown brow pencil to give her a dramatic high arch look. She usually has thicker brows so some tweezing was required prior to our makeover. 

Bronzer was applied to her cheekbones, temples, and forehead. Blush was applied to the apple of her cheeks, nude lip liner and light pink gloss was used for her lips.

False lashes were used to enhance the cat eyed look, giving a very dramatic effect. It was exciting to work with my mom and show how beauty comes in all ages and styles.

Can't wait to share our next transformation, the inspiration for our next look is a singer who's last name rhymes with bravado. Stay tuned...

Much Love,



  1. Your mom really looks good, you did an outstanding job. Keep up the good work :)!

  2. Thank you!! She loved it :)

  3. Srsly beautiful woman. Would be distracted for days if ever saw her.