Friday, May 16, 2014

Custom Stencil T-Shirt

I couldn't afford it, so I made my own. Thats kind of how this shirt came about. I have been a fan of  MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts) for some time now and I also like Rap/Hip-Hop. I've seen some really cool shirts from both, however the shirts ranged in price from $80 to $100+ sometimes. That's a little out of my price range for t-shirts. So, why not try and make our own?

Here's the supplies used for this Project:

* (Tulip Slick ) Fabric Paint
* (Martha Stewart) Stencil Adhesive
* Foam Paint brush
* Flat Cardboard Paper
* Preshrunk 100% cotton T-Shirt
* Stencil Cutout (you Choose your pattern)

First thing you want to do is figure out where you want to place your image. Next, take your stencil and spray a light coat over the back and  let it dry. While it dries, you can take your piece of cardboard and place it inside the shirt and stretch out the area where you will place the stencil (don't stretch it too tight) just enough to leave a flat surface. If you stretch the material too much it may distort your image. The cardboard will also protect the shirt from the paint that seeps through when you begin to apply it. Okay Now place the stencil ( adhesive side down ) onto the T-shirt and make sure it's all the way flat. Check that nothing is sticking up otherwise you may get paint where you don't want it.

 Then  pour yourself some paint.

Dab your foam brush in your paint...

Apply paint over the stencil...

Make sure you cover the entire surface with paint and also don't move the shirt or the stencil while you brush the paint over the surface.

After that you carefully remove the stencil.

Repeat these steps to get the look you want..

We liked where this was going but it felt like something was missing...

Bam! Just what it needed.

"Turn down for what?!" .... The Luchador came out perfect.  It looks like that will do just fine. I added a few stars on the back of the T-shirt. Now time to show you what the finished project looks like.

(a few stars on the back)

That wasn't very difficult at all. It's always nice when you can save some money and get what you want. We will be making new shirts soon and we look forward to sharing those with you as well. 

We are loving the comments by the way, keep 'em coming!

Much Love, V&L

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