Sunday, June 1, 2014

Make Me Lovato

Meet Demi Lovato's #1 fan, my lil sister n law Dionisia. This 14 year old's (yes she is only 14!! Our lil make over made her look much older) dream is to audition for the X Factor because 1. she loves to sing and from the little I've heard she has an amazing voice and 2. her idol Demi Lovato was a judge on the show. Since she is such a Lovatoholic I thought it would be fun to complete a Demi inspired look on this young beauty. I must admit once I was finished I had to take a moment to let the results sink in because this young lady became a woman right before my eyes. I hope her parents don't kill me... 

Dionisia is well aware this amount of makeup won't be allowed for a few years, nothing wrong with playing dress up for now. Like any normal teen she suffers from acne break outs from time to time, a crappy part of puberty. I remember how my teen acne would get me down and people would tease me about it or ask me why I had so many zits, another crappy part of being a teen. I think we've all been there and as adults we look back and think what a bunch of A-holes!! If they could only see how hot I am now.... LOL. And if you can't relate you we're probably the A-hole and shame on you!! But seriously I always try to remind her it will get better, you're beautiful just the way you are. Plus she is rocking this Demi Lovato look to a tee and a photo doesn't lie, honey!

This is our lovely young model's before look, her skin tone is uneven due to the acne but we were able to fix that in no time.

Using Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer in Ivory and Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation in Fawn we evened out her skin tone and concealed all the redness. Now we had a fresh canvas to start our Demi transformation.

To complete this look black gel eyeliner by Maybelline was used on her lower and upper lash line, dark brown eyeshadow by Bobbie Brown was used in the crease to give the dramatic smoky eye effect. A bone color eyeshadow by Bobbie Brown was used on her brow bone to highlight the arch in her eyebrows. Since she has natural brows I only defined the highest part of her eyebrow with a brow pencil in ash brown. 

Laura Mercier Matte Bronzer was applied on her cheeks, temples, and forehead. Makeup Forever Peach blush was applied to the apple of her cheeks.

For her lips I applied a dark reddish brown lip liner, I used Brick by MAC and lightly traced it with black eyeliner before blending the two colors. In Demi's picture she is wearing a black lipstick color, I opted for a dark red because it's close enough and flattered my model much better. Let's compare her in black lipstick vs the dark red brown.

What do you think? I guess it depends your preference. Now apply mascara to complete your Demi Lovato look, we used Maybelline Illegal Length mascara. False lashes were also used for an extra dramatic effect. Love, love, love the results.

The headbands were purchased at Target and the outfit was selected by Dionisia, I love her funky individual style. As for the fur on our Demi replica portrait it's actually yarn we purchased at Michael's. We tried to find a vest or coat to match but we're unsuccessful, the yarn worked out just as good for the illusion of fur. Fake it till you make it, right?! 

She loved the results, can you tell? We hope you loved it too! I'm thinking about creating a PINK inspired look next or taking it back to the 70's. I can't make up my mind, either way see you all next week. Till next time, PEACE OUT!!  

Much Love, V&L