Sunday, June 7, 2015

Recycled Book Art

This is a late post, I completed these sketches for my sisters baby shower last year. The theme was children's books / nerdy baby shower. I collected several books and stuffed animals, they all received custom glasses. It came out pretty cute, I'll share the other crafts on a later post. Todays post will be based solely on the sketches completed with black ball point pen on recycled book pages. I was inspired by Etsy, I came across a disney sketch of peter pan... so cute! I only completed four, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Peter Pan, and Winnie the Pooh. 

My sketch selfie :), I was rocking a short bob at the time. Kind of miss it :/.

I used a razor blade to cut out the pages from the old romance novel I used to sketch the pictures on. On Etsy they use pages from children's books but since this was for display only I figured it didn't matter what the pages said. Plus the large numbers add a nice touch to the sketch. 

I glued the pages to decorative scrap book pages and framed them, each one is unique and colorful. I purchased the frames at Dollar Tree, simple dark picture frames completed the look. 

The glare of the glass was hard to keep out of the photo, the individual pictures are much better. 

I can't decide which one is my favorite, I love them all!! These would be a cute addition to a baby's nursery or child's room. My sister loved them, I'm thinking of making more for my little bundle of joy. They were simple to create, some people print the image over the recycled pages instead of drawing them. Either way it looks great. 

Looking forward to sharing the rest of the crafts completed for our Nerd theme baby shower. :D Till next time, amigos. 

Much Love, 


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